coachella with courtney & chris
favorite performers at Coachella? Courtney: Pharrell's performance was brilliant. He brought out Jay-Z Ridgemount High when it comes to Coachella style. What did you wear to the festival? Courtney: I wore announcement). My friends (who happen to be Palm Desert natives) Courtney Fisher and her beau coachella with courtney & chris Photos by Courtney Fisher. Coachella, the music festivals of all music festivals, concluded this . Which Coachella style stars inspire you the most? Courtney: Definitely Selena Gomez, The Jenners and
fashionista feature: courtney fisher
Courtney is a true Californian with her edgy, simple style. what makes Courtney so California cool with this insider interview. JG: What are you wearing today fashionista feature: courtney fisher You can take the girl out of SoCal but you can’t take the SoCal out of the girl. Courtney Fisher, a
Soleil à Palm Springs • Part Two
Photography by Joe Gooding and Courtney Fisher. Thoughts and opinions expressed are uniquely my own gallivanting through The Parker and the Ace Hotel & Swim Club, Courtney took me through one of Palm . One personality trait that I've constantly admired about my friend Courtney is her laidback refreshing iced green tea lemonades at {IW} Coffee. Courtney and I couldn't help but admire the sleek guides your eye straight to its inviting door. I was curious to see more of Courtney's daily
Soleil à Palm Springs • Part One
Palm Springs, California, the place that my best friend Courtney has called home for years. My only French toast with Nutella and a berry compote in addition to scrambled eggs and a mimosa. Courtney not only have Courtney as a tour guide, but her local family members as well. They enthusiastically Photography by Courtney Fisher and Joe Gooding. "Where are you from?" is a question we often ask that you can tell a lot about a city by how they brunch. Courtney took me to the charmingly
déjà vegas: part two
Courtney's favorite hotel was the Wynn. Like me, Courtney has visited Vegas quite a few times prior I'm appeased with the petite piece of France I got to exist in. I took Courtney, my closest friend Gonzaga, Courtney and I would get brunch together all the time, so it was surreal to be doing the appreciated the Wynn's expansive golf course. Courtney and I stopped by Caesar's Palace to pick up some (chocolate hazelnut) waffles with an iced mocha while Courtney ordered the strawberry-banana waffles
déjà vegas: part three
Courtney’s Cord Media coworkers met up with us at our hotel room. Jenn, Carissa, Morgan and Jess to the generosity of Courtney’s work, we all had delicious drinks on the house. I got a frozen to experience a nightlife essential than to do so in Vegas with my friends. As soon as Courtney and had heard plenty of good things about from Courtney. Even though the girls already looked amazing mixture of water, sweat and unspeakable substances. Courtney, Chris and I enjoyed the sunshine
the secret garden
photography). Courtney is awesome because she came up with the idea for us to go to Manito so Today I got the opportunity to go on an unexpected adventure with my friend Courtney to Manito Park
gallivanting through green bluff
donkeys at Knapp Farm were too adorable not to pet. Courtney bonded with one of the brown ponies Photos courtesy of Courtney Fisher. Last weekend I went to Green Bluff, which is nearby Gonzaga , pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake and even pumpkin cupcakes among other baked goods. When Courtney and I Green Bluff with my friend Courtney Fisher on Sunday to engage in much needed fall fun. The air was , with my friend Courtney. We had a blast picking out pumpkins, petting ponies and eating sweets! Below
Sentiments de San Diego • Part One
at the top of my to-do list upon arriving in San Diego and Courtney made it happen by taking me to Alternating photography by Courtney Lynn, Chris Gibson and Joe Gooding. California is an ideal it's coffee scene, and San Diego does not disappoint in this regard. Courtney and I got caffeinated at dares to be doted over. With my friend Courtney by my side, sauntering through San Diego's
Roses Reinvented
Alternating photography by Courtney Fisher, Chris Gibson and Joe Gooding. Year over year, spring
Sentiments de San Diego • Part Two
Alternating photography by Courtney Fisher, Chris Gibson and Joe Gooding. Over the course of a vacationing or not. Courtney, Chris and I went to Crushed, a mid-morning destination for the residents and
cheers to twenty one years
Gonzaga University. A Margarita from Borracho's Spokane with Courtney. A glass of cider at Gonzaga's
gooding gift guide: pour femme
this holiday season. For my best friend Courtney, I bought a monogrammed mug and gourmet marshmallows
diy: hot chocolate ornaments
couple of weekends ago, my friends Courtney, Morgan and I took a Pinterest idea and brought it to life
Mémoire d'Image
life: my internship at Edelman, my adventures with Courtney, my first impressions of Portland and my
elegant essentials
taken at Manito Park with Courtney. I took my simple shot of a blooming white rose, edited it and
perfect pumpkin picks
Courtney and I drinking PSLs in early September Einstein Bagel's pumpkin bagel with cream cheese
Coachella Cool
Photography by Courtney Lynn and Joe Gooding. Coachella is truly a music festival unlike any other
déjà vegas: part one
even more drinkware after my friend Courtney bought me a enormous alcoholic frozen beverage from the
one year on diamonds & discoveries
with. I loved showcasing the California style of my friend Courtney, going on a roadtrip with Hannah
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