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I practically grew up in the Seattle flagship Nordstrom store. 

No I'm not kidding. I used to think every Nordstrom was supposed to be five stories complete with their own Chanel section, three restaurants, and spa. Needless to say, being surrounded by impeccable style has had a strong impact on my own.

"Dressing is a way of life" says Yves Saint Laurent, and I have to agree with the high fashion designer on that one.  Fashion has always given me happiness, whether it be sketching my own designs, picking out my own outfits, or giving my friends advice: "No ... crocs are never a good idea."

I think style is really important to everyone's lives. Even if you don't think you have a style, you do. Unless you don't pick any of your clothes out yourself. But even in that case, you are wearing someone else's style. 

I'd describe my style as prep with an edge. I love clean, classic looks, but I also love edgier, rock-star style. I've been cultivating this style for the past year now and I think it's an evolutionary process. You never stop growing and refining your style.

With my style, I think it reflects my personality pretty well. Bright bold colors say I'm positive and outgoing. Classic, structured pieces say I'm a sucker for tradition. Edgy prints and textures reveal my sensual confidence.


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I find that style comes from what influences you, what your interests are in the past and present. Gossip Girl instantly captivated me, especially because I relate to the character Dan Humphrey so much. I like to think I have a tiny dash of that "Brooklyn hipster-slash-writer" in my wardrobe. California has always been one of my favorite places in the world, and not because I went to Disneyland multiple times.  My dad grew up in Santa Monica, so maybe that's where I get my SoCal pride from. I love the easy, laid-back style of Cali surfers. As a teen, I gravitated toward stores like Hollister Co. and PacSun because I felt (and still feel) like it brings me just a little bit closer to Huntington Beach, even if it is through my style.

Creating a style can be hard growing up though. Everyone has that "awkward stage" of their life where they wish they could burn every picture of themselves physically and mentally. Before college, my wardrobe was limited to polos, khakis (both of which were my uniform for high school), baggy sweatshirts, tacky American Eagle t-shirts, and medium wash jeans. Not exactly fashion icon material, but even that is a style. I like to call it "Catholic school boy chic" ... only minus the chic.

My point is, even in that pile of ill-fitting clothes was a glimmer of style hope. Those khakis? Now I can pair them with a denim jacket and an edgy graphic tee. Those polos? Now I'll upgrade for a Ralph Lauren one with crisp white shorts for summer. 

Even your least fashionable moments can be transformed. So I challenge you to look back at some of your outfit disasters for hidden inspiration.

Once you have your style down though, shopping becomes easy. You know what you can pull off, you know what works for you. When new trends come around, you know how to pick and choose which ones will fit with your style.

The most exciting thing about fashion for me is that you get to wear art. You literally go from a plain human being to a living work of art just by putting your pants on one leg at a time.

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My questions for you are: What is your style profile? Who do you think had an influence on your style? What fashion blunders do you think have affected your style today? Hit me up on Twitter @JGmusic92 or on my Facebook page with your answers!

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