vegas diary: day six

The last day of a vacation is always the hardest. I didn't want to say goodbye to Las Vegas, but I had to. Luckily, we didn't leave without one last hurrah.

My family and I ate lunch at Mon Ami Gabi (our second time on this trip because it's just so good). I had a Brie burger and an iced mocha on the terrace of the restaurant. That restaurant has the perfect view of The Bellagio Fountains and The Strip, so it was great to take it all in one last time. 

We made our exit from Vegas in the only way you should make an exit: by limo. It was actually a surprise that we got to ride in one, but it was really nice. I could definitely get used to be chauffeured.

And with that, my Vegas vacation was over. But it's not goodbye forever, I know I'll be back in Sin City again soon ... 

joe gooding