vegas diary: day four

My last day being a twenty year old was unforgettable. The day before my birthday is always a sentimental day for me because I literally think of everything I'm doing the last time as twenty year old. Even mundane things, like "last time brushing my teeth as a 20 year old! last lunch I'm going to eat as 20 year old! last glass of water I'm going to drink as a 20 year old!" I may live a sometimes extravagant lifestyle, but the little things really entertain me sometimes.

Planet Hollywood is a great restaurant chain, but it is also a glamorous hotel filled with pretty circular lights (seen in the top row of pictures). We walked through the Miracle Mile Shops, making sure to stop by The Body Shop to pick up our family's beauty supplies. Our family is addicted to moisturizers, skin care, hair products you name it. I love the Tea Tree Oil face moisturizer to keep my face clear and smooth, but that's a story for another vlog.

For lunch, we went to BURGR, and no I did not spell that wrong. BURGR is a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in Planet Hollywood. Gordon Ramsay is that hilarious British chef who hosts Hell's Kitchen. Naturally, BURGR is a gourmet burger bar (who knew), but it was unlike any burger joint I've ever been too. Gordon is never one to skimp on presentation, ambiance, and of course taste. The restaurant was so hip and the waiters were really well trained and showed us different special menu options through an iPad. We ordered jalapeno poppers as an appetizer and it came in three different flavors, a ranch, bacon and cheddar,and a surprise super spicy one. My mom ended up getting the super spicy one, but she loves spicy food so she enjoyed it.

I ordered the Hell's Kitchen burger and it' was delicious. It was spicy and flavorful, probably the best burger I've had in a while. We had them with fries served them with chipotle ketchup and curry ketchup. The flavors were just so good and all complimented each other. Along with Mon Ami Gabi, this restaurant was the highlight of the trip.

We walked off our lunch in The Cosmopolitan, which brings an urban, glamorous touch to The Strip. The pictures don't even do this hotel justice. Indoors is a multi-tiered chandelier that has a bar and restaurant inside the strings of glittering crystals. It's literally so beautiful. I can only imagine how nice the suites are. 

We then shopped at a place called Crystals, which has all high-end designer stores like Hermès, Versace, Balenciaga, and Prada. We were a bit under-dressed to step inside any of them so we just looked around at the cool little sculptures and interactive art they have inside. Crystals has these cool whirlpool structures that make water look like tornadoes. It's hard to explain, guess you had to be there. They also had these pillars of ice that you were allowed to touch. They looked beautiful with neon light bouncing off them.

I absolutely love the architecture of Crystals. There are so many sharp angles inside and out of the building. Even the Starbucks inside had some awesome overhanging arches. The only bummer was that there was hardly anyone around. The stores were empty except for the occasional employee pacing the store with a judgmental frown. The only affordable thing in there was the Starbucks and even there it was $5.10 for a grande mocha, which is crazy compared to Seattle.

Fast forward to after dinner, which was just another fabulous meal from Trevi in The Forum Shops, my dad flew in from Toronto to join in the midnight birthday celebration. I had my first drink at Le Cabaret in the Paris hotel. The two singers were pretty good and entertained the crowd with ease. Then again, the crowd was bunch of 40-somethings. I didn't complain, I was with my parents so this was their version of fun. I had two servings of Fleur-de-Lis, which is a cocktail of Chambord, Chambord vodka, cranberry juice, lemonade, and a lemon. They were pretty strong, but I would hope so at $15 a piece. The waitress was not very convinced of my legal-ness at first.  She said "Ummm I'm going to have to see some ID." So I showed her my ID and she looked at it for a while and said "I'm sorry I can't serve you alcohol until the 15th." So I showed her the time on my phone and she was like "OMG you are right! I'm so sorry, happy birthday by the way!" She was so embarrassed, but I just laughed. Nobody was going to believe I was twenty one. But once she got wind of my birthday, the cabaret singers gave me a birthday shout out and sang some celebratory tune. Being the youngest person there I just sat back and watched the 40-somethings dance drunkenly.

joe gooding