vegas diary: day five

To say my twenty-first birthday was amazing would simply be an understatement. August 15th, I woke up hangover-free and excited to savor the last two days of my Vegas excursion.

For breakfast, we went to Cafe Bellagio, in the hotel of the same name. I ordered the raspberry french toast with a mimosa. Naturally the waiter laughed and carded me. Mimosas in the morning are a great way to start off the day, especially if you aren't doing anything productive that day.  I can definitely see myself having Sunday brunches with my friends and this being the drink of choice in the future.

I indulged in a Birthday Cake Martini at my first Happy Hour of my life at a restaurant called Serendipity 3. The concoction was composed of Pinnacle Whipped vodka, Godiva White Chocolate liqueur and vanilla syrup topped with whipped cream and a birthday candle. Of course the waitress had the whole entire restaurant singing happy birthday to me, which was great because I love attention of course.

We snacked on Serendipity's delicious chicken tenders, which were probably the best I've had anywhere. The potato skins were crispy and flavorful. The whole meal was just really yummy and fattening. I kind of had a stomach ache after the meal, but it was worth it.

The most serendipitous event of the day was seeing Lady GaGa parade through The Strip on a carriage while we were eating. She stopped traffic and five police cars had to escort her through, causing the Vegas traffic to go to a halt for about fifteen minutes. Then on top of that there were cameras and a limited amount of paparazzi running after her. Our waitress was flabbergasted, "You just saw Lady GaGa on you're twenty first birthday, that's pretty awesome!" I had to agree that the moment was so surreal. GaGa even blew me a kiss.

Oh, but I'm forgetting one small detail. The Born This Way era dressed woman causing quite a scene in the middle of the street was actually just an impersonator. 

I was pretty skeptical of the GaGa impersonator when I first saw her, because GaGa would never wear the same outfit twice (especially from a previous era), unless on tour. But it was a ridiculous, fun thing to get wrapped into during the moment.

The rest of the night I kept my camera and phone safe and sound in my hotel room before the real festivities began. Let's just say what happen's in Vegas on the night of your twenty-first birthday, stays in Vegas ...

joe gooding