vegas diary: day one

Wow it's been a crazy day. Whenever I travel I always have an adrenaline rush of energy the whole day. It's so much fun to be in a new place, it makes all my senses a little more alert and aware. I took in all the elaborate architecture and even the tiny details today.

Our plane ride was an easy two hours, although we sat by this weird guy who kept falling asleep in weird positions. And he had his shoes off ... gross. 

After we hopped of the plane we went to Paris ... the hotel, I'm not that much of a spoiled brat okay! We got sweet and savory crêpes: chocolate cherry & four cheese. They were so good, I can't even ...  

We checked into our two-bedroom hotel suite and didn't realize how big it actually was. I basically have my own hotel room, and then my mom and sister share the bigger suite that is literally three steps away. I don't even know what we are going to do with all this space, but it's really nice. We have a hot tub in each room, like whoa. I've stayed in a lot of nice hotels during my childhood (thanks for spoiling me mom and dad), but we've never had this much space before.

I really love the architecture in Vegas, so going to see the different hotels is actually extremely fun for me, even though they basically all have the same things in them: slot machines, restaurants, nightclubs, a unique tourist attraction, and a surprising amount of old people.

We stopped by the Bellagio Gardens, which is just a beautiful little place that has really cool art, live birds, music, and flower displays that all change throughout the year. Naturally, my favorite piece was of CHANEL N°5 PARFUM.

I don't know if you understand this, but shopping is actually a hobby in our family. Like every single one of us loves buying clothes. But when we entered The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace, we had to contain ourselves. Otherwise our budget for the trip would have evaporated by stops at about three luxury stores. I did do a fair amount of ogling at Hermès, Gucci, Guess, and HUGO BOSS. Oh how I can't wait to have a post-college paycheck.

We dined at trevi, an Italian restaurant right next to a mock Trevi fountain in The Forum Shops. The pizza was delicious, and the fact that they put freshly grated parmesan on top was perfect.

But I got dinner with a view when the CUTEST guy sat down across from us with his family. I couldn't peel my eyes away and my family was like "JOE, eyes over here!" All I want for my birthday is a boy to be quite honest. I mean I have everything else! Too bad you can't buy "21st Birthday VIP Packages" with a free boyfriend included. And I mean legal ones ...

When night fell on the city, we did some more low-key milling around before calling it a pretty good first day. I still can't believe I'm here, and I've been saying that over and over today. I really want to enjoy every moment of this vacation because it will be the last family one for who knows how long.


I'm excited to get my tan on by the pool tomorrow and get some more vlogging done. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for all my Vegas pictures!

joe gooding